Picture of Cathrine Burnett-Wake an Australian Registered Migration Agent with a Master of Laws from the Australian National University who is an Australian visa advice expert and provides immigration advice and visa assistance for skilled visas, work visas, business visas, employer sponsorship, partner visas, spouse visas, de facto visas, fiancee visas, 189 visas, 190 visas, 482 visas, tss visas, investor visas, parent visas and appeal applications, visa cancellation and character matters

Hello, and welcome to my ‘About Me’ page. My opportunity to pitch to you why you should engage my services over everybody else - and there are many others to choose from! So here I go…

As a consumer, when considering a service, I want to know about the person behind the service. Are they experienced? Are they qualified? Are they professional? Are they ethical? Will they do a good job? What do other people say about their services?

I turn to the internet. I look at their website. I put their name in a search engine. I look for reviews. I do my research. I try to get a ‘feel’ for what it would be like for them to carry out the service and whether they will be a good fit for what I need.

I expect nothing less from potential clients who are interested in my services.

Generally, if you’re well-researched, you will make a good choice. The best option, I have also learned, does not necessarily mean the cheapest alternative. Although, let’s be honest, fees need to be competitive! Speaking of which, you can see a fee guide of what I charge here. I’m not the cheapest; I am not the most expensive. I am competitive.

So… about me, to (hopefully) answer some of your questions!

I have over 20+ years of experience providing immigration and visa advice to individuals and companies.

In addition to working as a Registered Migration Agent, I served 4-years as a Tribunal Member at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (2017-2021), presiding over visa refusals and cancellations.

Not only am I experienced, but I am qualified. I am a graduate of the Australian National University, where I completed a Master of Laws (Migration) and was awarded the Fragomen Prize for attaining the highest academic results in my graduating year.

In addition to my work and study, I have always been active in my community as a volunteer. I was a long-serving volunteer of 12 years at Casey Cardinia Legal Service, providing advice on assisting CALD women on temporary visas experiencing family violence.

I am also a published author on migration matters, and over the years, have been a regular contributor to government-led migration inquiries, providing written submissions and verbal evidence to numerous parliamentary committees.

One last thing… a fun fact about me… I have worked on several film productions as a producer, including a short film titled 'The last time I saw you’, about a young Hazara refugee and her difficulties fitting in socially. The film has received numerous domestic and international awards and was runner-up at Tropfest. I’m proud of this piece of work. You can view it here: https://fb.watch/hMJfFVHqth/

So back to the original question. Why should you engage my professional services?

✔️ I am experienced

✔️ I am qualified

✔️ I am professional

✔️ I am ethical

My former clients endorse me and also say very nice things about me! Head to the testimonials page to see what some of them have said.

I can never make any guarantees on visa outcomes. However, my commitment to my clients is always to provide the highest level of service openly and transparently.

If you like what you’ve read (and googled) and are interested in speaking to me further about engaging my services. Book a FREE Consultation.